Operating since 1998, Sven Frenzel has become one of Canada's premier entertainment photographers. Developing his visual sensibility through the direct influence of North America's brightest cinematographers and photographers, his work is defined by a powerful sense of composition, lighting and timing.

Sven's soulful appreciation for all aspects of photography and film-making, keen eye for in-situ light sources and feel for great art direction and production design make him a valuable contributor to any creative team. His acute sensitivity to the artistic process lends itself to the intensity of his subject's world, capturing the action without invading the comfortable environment he strives to create.

Drawing on a wealth of industry experience - and guided by everything from Asian art and philosophy to contemporary fashion, film, architecture and music - Sven incorporates a myriad of stylistic elements and photographic techniques in getting the best frame every time. His passion, intuition, and versatility propel him in achieving his client's desired aesthetic, while his impulse to innovate spurs his pursuit of striking results behind the lens.

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